Alan Collins from Davenport Iowa wrote at November 19, 2010:
I enjoyed visiting your cafe. The food was good and the buttermilk pie was fantastic. Your staff was frendly and very pleasant which is a recipe for success.
Alan wrote at November 16, 2010:
I just found out about your restruant while reading the news paper about free meals for veterans. My friend and I decided to come for the free veterans lunch. We both enjoy are meals very much. You have diffently gain two new customers. Thanks for the great food and service.
Cheri Maculevicz wrote at November 10, 2010:
Hi, I am from Michigan and love the movie and stopped in took pictures and loved the food! First time eating Fried Green Tomatoes and they were yummy!! Bought me a cook book, and some batter but I just know when I make them they won't be as good as sitting in your diner eating them!
Jim Mangum from Gadsden, Alabama wrote at October 13, 2010:
Ate at Irondale Cafe for the first time today. It won't be my last. The fried green tomatoes, cornbread and tea were excellent. The service was wonderful as well.
Gai Tuckerl from Alabama born and bred wrote at October 10, 2010:
WOW! Jim ...just stumbled across this guestbook while checking out Break'n Bread local event and see you will be a participant there today. Have never ever had the wonderful sounding green tomato parmesan; but will be coming by soon in hopes it is on that day's menu. I am an Irondale Realtor and feature your home page on all my area listings :)
Priscilla & Wayne Gober wrote at October 7, 2010:
My husband & I ate at your cafe today for the first time. It was a wonderful meal, especially the fried green tomatoes & blackberry cobbler....YUM! This was the perfect topping for a beautiful October day in Irondale, AL.
Tammy Sims from pell city al. wrote at September 28, 2010:
Hello, My friend brought me and my daughter and new grandson of only 12 days old to the Cafe' monday sept 27th for my birthday. I love the movie fried green tomatoes, but never knew about the real whistle stop!!! I was thrilled to find out this was that cafe'! The food was more than words can say- all that comes to my mind is "pure Heaven!" I recomend that everyone stop by and try the spectacular food. The dinning experience was truly wonderful, I plan to take my Dad on his 69th birthday, I am sure my parents will appreciate it as much as I did!!!:)
Tina&Jack wrote at May 31, 2010:
My Husband and I loved the food. everything was GRAND! My Children are wanting to go to the resturant after they found out that we had gone there. It was so good. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YA'LL.
Rebecca Mashburn-Sauceda from Tampa Florida wrote at May 29, 2010:
Hello Whistle Stop, I watched the movie regularly and will stop by next time I am in those parts.. thanks for keeping the ye old southern style alive in the American hearts.
Marissa Jamieson from Irondale, AL wrote at May 19, 2010:
It has a great selection for vegetarian meals. I'm so glad for that!
Sandy Watson from Calgary, Alberta wrote at May 18, 2010:
Loved the famous Fried Green Tomatoes - no wonder they are such a hit! Would love to know where you can get self-rising cornmeal. I bought the recipe book and made many items but those that ask for self rising cornmeal!
Chris, Jennifer, AJ and Dominic Verrano from Kyle, Texas wrote at May 13, 2010:
Excellent fried chicken, fried green tomatoes and corn bread!!!!
Bill and Jacquenette Capps from Florence, AL wrote at May 13, 2010:
Great Food & Great Service!
Theresa Collins from Washburn, Tennessee wrote at May 13, 2010:
Steve Smith and Jennie Wright wrote at May 13, 2010:
Loved the food, advice for travel and friendliness!!! Australia
Luana Smothers from Phoenix, AZ wrote at May 12, 2010:
Just at at your establishment yesterday. As always, the food was wonderful!! Reminds me of my late mothers cooking. She was from Walker County, along with my father and numerous relatives. When in B'ham we ALWAYS frequent Irondale cafe. When I leave I do wish I were hungry all over so I could eat again. My favorite place!!! Your hostess/cashier gave me your e-mail to ask if I could perhaps get the recipe for the fried green tomato parmesean that was served on the menu 05/10/2010. It was the best and I am begging for the recipe. It will stay with me written into my book of faves. Please let me know. Your restaurant is the best!!! Sincerely, Luana Smothers
Don Richter wrote at May 12, 2010:
I just watched the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" for the first time tonight. I was so impressed with the story, I've spent the past hour and a half researching the author, Fannie Flagg, trying to figure out the motivation and inspiration behind the original book. I never knew the lady I grew up watching on "The Match Game" went on to write such a heartwarming and enjoyable story. Anyhow, I hope to someday make it down to Alabama from my home in the Midwest, visit the Irondale Cafe (the impetus behind the book), try some blackberry cobbler and, of course, have a hearty helping of your fried green tomatoes!
Erin wrote at May 12, 2010:
If you love the book and the movie this is a stop worth making. I along with some friends were in Birmingham for a concert and stumbled upon the Irondale Cafe when looking for a place to eat dinner. The cafe had closed for the evening, but it was a destination stop for us the next day before heading home to Tennessee. If you love southern cooking you will love the Irondale Cafe including the fried green tomatoes. The food, service and atmosphere were wonderful. Thank you for a great experience! Erin, Chattanooga, TN
Chuck and Carla Lawson from Alabaster, AL wrote at May 10, 2010:
We ate lunch at the Irondale Cafe Saturday. The food was absolutely delicious and the service outstanding. Mr. Dolan told me to write him and he would give me his recipe for the White Vinegar Sauce. Please...... :-) I followed his instructions regarding your Ranch Salad Dressing...and it is delicious. Thank you. We will be visiting your restaurant's great!
Woody McNair from Fayetteville, GA wrote at April 21, 2010:
I'm planning on coming through B'ham this weekend and look forward to stopping at your place. We used to swing by when I was in high school in the 1960's. I hope you haven't fixed up the place too much.